Teaching Assistant for Introduction to American Politics

How to apply

If you’d like to apply to be an undergrad TA for Introduction to American Politics (usually taught each fall semester), please complete and return the form at https://polisci.wustl.edu/files/polisci/imce/ta_request_form.pdf. Please include a brief (one page) resume along with the application. Submit your application by April 1 to Sarah Winkler at Seigle 207, Campus Box 1063, and I will notify you of decisions shortly thereafter.

You can also see the syllabus.

If you are selected, you will earn 3 hours of graded credit upon successful completion of the semester.


1) Your primary responsibility is your section. A section usually consists of 12-20 undergraduates. You’ll meet with them once a week, but should also be available for an office hour at another time.

2) You’ll participate in grading. This will consist mainly of objective material on the exams, as we can’t ask you to grade subjective material.

3) At the end of the semester, you’ll assign a percentage of the grade to your students. Base this mainly on attendance but also include some component for participation.

4) You’ll need to keep up on readings and lectures, and we’ll be meeting once a week (Mondays from 4 to 5) to discuss additional readings, plans, and problems. It’s very important that we all meet as a group – you’ll benefit from hearing each other’s ideas. If you have a conflict with the meeting time, we’ll ask you to rearrange your schedule.

Typical Section

1) Pass around an attendance sheet.

2) Ask for questions. These can be from current events, the lectures, or the reading.

3) If they don’t ask you questions, you should ask them some. Again, these can come from all those sources listed above. You can do this in the form of quizzes if you want.

4) Discuss the readings. Usually, this will concentrate on the readings beyond the textbook for the week.

Any additional questions?

Please contact me.